The sun is currently in the 7th gate. The 7th gate represents the Army and the powerful leader, in the constellation of Leo. This gate is the pinnacle of the Leo signature. If you look at the Rave Mandala, you can see that gate 7 is right in the middle of Leo on the wheel. The brightest star in the constellation of Leo is Regulus, also known as Alpha Leonis. Gate 7 is the Alpha, the lion, the king of all beasts. The 7th gate is the powerful leader taking the Army out of retreat.

It is connected to the G Center and its harmonic gate is the 31st gate, the Leader. The G Center represents love and direction, and the 7th gate can be said to be direction in the form of power and leadership. Note also that its harmonic gate, 31, is also located in Leo and together they form 7-31, the Channel of Leadership. It is interesting to ponder that this is a projected channel, meaning, that even though it has a connection to the throat, it does not involve any motors. It cannot manifest any of its skills without an invitation.

"This is all about the follower and the leader and this is about the power trip and the power trip is inherent in the 7th gate. It's built into it. You cannot miss it, it's there. But the whole thing about the collective process is that the power trip has to be something that is collectively supported. In other words, that there have to be other that are willing to follow it. No followers no leader; you cannot be a leader in a vacuum. You can not be a leader without followers." 
Ra Uru Hu

Quote from Incarnation Crosses by Profile (Jovian Archive 2008).