Do you feel like getting cozy around the fire place and tell stories right now? Today, the sun entered the 33rd gate, this is the gate of Retreat. The sun represents 70% of the neutrino stream we are living in and gate 33 is in the astrological constellation of Leo. The story of Leo is about bravery, however a lion always needs to have a cave, for nesting and finding comfort in hard times.

In the Rave I'Ching, this gate represents active withdrawal; the transformation of a weak position into a strength. A need for privacy and retreat in order to integrate experience and share the wisdom gained. The storing and sharing of cultural memory which supports the expansion of the human capacity. The story-tellers and historians of humanity. It is connected to the Throat Center and its harmonic gate is the 13th gate, the gate of the Listener. Together they form the 13-33, the Channel of the Prodigal. These are the people who go out in the world and collect experience so they can return to the tribe and share what they have found.

"The 33 isn't about patterns, it's about experience; only experience. If you have something in front of you in your life, something you have to move through in your life, and you are offered two teachers, one that will give you a theoretical possibility of what will happen and one that will speak from their experience, almost all of us, except for the contrarians would go with the experiential teacher.

And what's so obvious to me from the perspective of the 33 is that it's only the 33, again it's relative and subjective, it is only the 33 that really has the ability to codify the past. This is a gate of remembering. It is a gate at some mystical level of revelation, that is, a remembrance that transcends the mundane."
Ra Uru Hu

From the Rave I'Ching by Ra Uru Hu and Incarnation Crosses by Profile (Jovian Archive 2008).