People that are new in Human Design usually think that just because you wait, you are somehow less powerful. That its the Manifestor who holds the power. This is the common misunderstanding. Waiting, for a Generator, means regenerating. Waiting for a Projector, means seeing; where is the right energy for me? This is where the power lays. Waiting for the right thing. Because you ARE powerful. Do not play around with that power.

The waiting is all about the sacral energy. Even the Manifestor is all for that sacral power, its just that the Manifestor will go and initiate and THEN the energy may or may not show up for them. See how that works? One way or the other, wether we initiate, wait for our own sacral to respond, or wait and see where the energy comes towards us, we are all in this life reaching for the same thing, the life force. The sacral is, the life.