I am a 5/1 Generator on the Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty. My first meeting with Human Design, unbelievably, took place when I was in my early teenage years. Exactly what happened is a long story. However, about 25 years later, it found me again and finally the information was able to impact me. Or really, Ra was able to. 

My design makes it easy to get close with people. Channel 59/6, the Channel of Mating, is not just for mating, its an intimacy channel, and the 59 is my design sun, I have a design to bust through your aura. This can make me vulnerable, however, from a guide's perspective, it is useful. Once in, I have the practical use of a different channel, 26/44, the Channel of Surrender. This is a channel of a Transmitter. In simple terms, I can come in close and once there, transmit this information to help you relax into your true self.

Except from Human Design and Ra Uru Hu, I am inspired by Eckhart Tolle, Teal Swan and my teacher John Martin.

I am good at giving unconditional presence. To hold space, as we like to call it in the spiritual community. Something that is close to my heart is to work with mothers, and to help women with young children to move from a state of imprisonment in motherhood, into feeling freedom and a chance to be alive. It is an understatement to say that its stressful to have children in todays society. Who came up with the idea that one should give themselves up because they became a parent? What a joke! If you are a single mother, please be sure to let me know, I offer you sessions at a 20% discount.

Through my Human Design practice I have healed myself from chronic pain and a ton of mental and emotional suffering.

Best regards,
Jenny Sundelin