We work mainly in one-on-one sessions (if you are interested in a workshop format, sign up for e-mail notification, you will be notified with upcoming workshops). To book a session, please choose an option below. You will be redirected to Paypal. 

Living Your Design Session 120 minutes


In our first session, we will do a chart overview and you will be guided through your: Type, Profile, Defined and Undefined Centers, Strategy & Authority and Not-self. You will recieve the session as a recorded MP3 audio. You will also recieve additional material about your specific design! When we reach beyond one session, we focus on coaching you through your experiment and there will be home work and we will have continuous e-mail contact.

We offer single mothers a 20% discount on sessions, if you are a single mom, please e-mail us to make your booking.

We focus on your Strategy & Authority and the experience will be more of a healing session rather than a reading. Our goal is to help you "snap into" your body and guide you through the beginning of your deconditioning process. We look at all the aspects of your chart to get the big picture, however the bottom line is, it always comes back to being correct with your aura mechanics. Please do not let your mind get lost in all the information and the gates and the lines and so on before you have the foundation layed out.

It can be sort of a violent experience for the mind to enter the experiment. Things will come up that you did not expect, and truly, the starting gun will usually blow off when you least expect it.