So as I watched my life fall apart, slowly and steadily piece by piece, I realized that everyone entering the experiment could probably benefit from this little truth; that every new beginning starts in the 3rd Gate, Trouble in the Beginning. Over the last year the phrase "do I dare ask?" seem to pop up here and there. I chuckle. I am starting to see that I love watching life unfold. And I dont usually recommend much reading until you have truly entered your journey, but it was so helpful for me to read Richard Rudds Seven Years on the Wheel that I want to recommend you to read it. This has been such a benefit for me in understanding my own process, and most importantly it has helped me to accept my situation and therefore relax into my experience.

Seemingly there is a pattern in how we enter our deconditioning process and the pattern is reflected, like everything else, in the I´Ching. Starting in Gate 3, according to Rudd we begin a journey that takes 7 years around the wheel which gives us approximately 40 days in each gate. By the time I found the article I had just entered gate 20, the Now. I was completely immersed in the present moment, fully embracing that yesterday and tomorrow need no worry. Now, I didnt stay in the Now for more than 40 days thank God, we do need some perspective after all (or do we?). But it was so spot on. And for me, it also took me to a new understanding of what the I´Ching really is about. It is called "The Book of Changes" for a reason.

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